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Rugby, University Place NYC

The NYC Rugby staff rockin' the tartan.

Ralph Lauren is the hands-down American master of creating lifestyle fashion brands and awe-inspiring retail environments.  I love the Rugby product and stores.  The brand is very young & preppy with a witty, sexy, irreverent slant.  Sometimes the staff is a little “too cool for school”… but please,  you would too if you looked that good.

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Barker Black.

Barker Black skull and crossbones insignia punched into the.  139 brass tacks also forms the insignia on each sole.  It's all about the subversive branding.Check out the Barker Black shop in Nolita and feast your eyes on the made-to-order and ready-made footwer, as well as neckwear, scarves and other fine men’s furnishings.  Barker Black skull-and-crossbones insignia punched into the toe.  139 brass tacks are used to form the insignia on each sole.  It’s all about the subversive branding and naughtiness.

Derrick Miller of Barker Black.

Derrick Miller is the creative force behind the 125-year-old English company.  The line he has produced for them is definitely Old World with a subversive, irreverent slant.  Given his time spent working at Ralph Lauren it’s no surprise the re-vamped Barker Black feels like a darker, more elegant Rugby.

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