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Tommy Nutter boldly cut against the traditional Savile Row grain.

Tommy Nutter will always be known as the flamboyant bee in Savile Row’s stuffy bonnet.  It was the late 60s, and narrow suits ruled the day.  Trained as traditional tailor, the sexy and innovative Nutter was not happy following the status quo of Savile Row and literally took matters into his own hands.

Tommy Nutter- a peacock if ever there was.

He created a sensation with his bold, signature look- wide shoulders and unapologetic lapels.  Nutter became the darling of the celebrity scene- clothing the likes of Mick & Bianca Jagger, Elton John and The Beatles.

Paul, Ringo and John- clothing by Tommy Nutter.

His influence can still be seen today, through a legacy of apprentices who trained under him, and in the young new designers of today who are discovering his work.   Tommy Nutter has forever left a mark on Savile Row, and defined a moment in time when bigger truly was better.

British rock musician Mick Jagger and Nicaraguan Bianca Perez Morena de Marcias just after their Wedding in St Tropez, France on 12th May 1971.



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The Belstaff Sheep M.C. JacketI’ve been looking for the perfect shearling jacket.  Call off the hounds.  The search is over- the Belstaff M.C. Jacket.  Founded in England 1924, Belstaff was the first company in the world to use the fabric that is now commonly known as “waxed cotton”.  The fabric was woven from a very fine Egyptian cotton that is treated with natural oils, making it totally waterproof (well, the only thing totally waterproof is a duck…) yet still breathable and comfortable.  Belstaff became specialists at crafting the finest-quality technical apparel, footwear and accessories for motorcyclists, aviators, the military and outdoorsmen alike.  

Their legendary “Trialmaster” jacket has been worn by serious motorcyclists for generations, and popularized by cultural icons like Steve McQueen and Che Guevara.  Belstaff continues to lead innovation in technical fabric and garment technologies.  In 1970 they introduced the “XL500” jacket, which continues to be their top seller, made of Belflex– a highly durable and totally waterproof fabric.  In 1999 Belstaff introduced Ironguard– a fabric that protected against impact, tearing, high and low temperature, and radiation.  Like that isn’t enough- in 2003 they collaborated with an Italian textile company to create Balistic fabric.  Unbelievable.  Like their logo, they truly are a Phoenix rising that constantly evolves, innovates and inspires.

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